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What is a private IP address, which is part of reserved IP range of - A router can assign to any device (Ipad, laptop, Home computer, Mobile phone, etc.) of the local network automatically. can also serve as a default login gateway for router devices. IP addresses are reserved as a security measure so that no one can trace your IP address and no one can log into your network by anyone who is not part of your network. can be preassigned by router's manufacturers such as 2Wire, 3Com, TP-Linkm D-Link etc. as a default gateway to log into router's admin panel.

How to log into router's admin panel using

To be able to log into your router's admin panel, your device must connected to your router's network. Once your device is connected correctly and your router is switched on, follow the guide below:

  1. Make sure is the default gateway for your router
  2. Open browser and type in the address bar and visit it like normal URL.
  3. The page will load like a normal web page asking you to enter username and password.
  4. Enter correct username and password, most likely it is set with default password. Check router label for admin username and password.
  5. Once logged in you are free to make changes to router settings, change passwords, setting up internal firewall and much more.

Unable to access

  • If you are unable to load page as a login page. It means that another private IP address is assigned by router manufacturer as default login gateway. Try or
  •  If you still cannot load the page, please check router label or leaflet to see what default login gateway is assigned by the router manufacturer. Find the correct IP address and follow the abbove steps again.
  • If using the correct gateway IP does not resolve the issue then there could be connection issue between you and your router. Make sure your device is correctly connected the router. if pronlem presists, try restarting the router.

How to reset my router?

If you have forgotten the password you can do a factory reset of your router so it changes to default settings. To do this you will have to find a small RESET button on back of your router device. Press that button for a minute and the will reboot with factory settings. Once done, you can log into your router's admin panel using default username and password written on the router label. IP location

Due to nature of IP address (Private C class IP) it is not possible to assign a physical address to a reserved / private iP address. Therefore, IP address has no physical location attached and it can be used by one within their private internal networks. However, if you would like to find the physical location of a public IP address please use our IP Location Lookup tool.

How to check WHOIS? is part of private C class range which is reserved for private networks. Therefore, the ranges are never assigned to any private organizations and can be used by anyone within their private networks. To check complete details you can also perform IP WHOIS Lookup.

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