Private IP Address | IP Lookup for is part of reserved IP range of -, typically used within internal networks such as home networks or small business networks. is tpyically assigned manually to each connecting device. is a private IP address where it is it part of 192.168.xxx.xxx range, reserved for private use only. IP address like are not visible to public and can only be seen within the internal / private network. cannot be used to connect to internet. To connect internet you must use proxy IP address which is also known as public IP address. as a router address

Private IP address like can also be used as router admin login page. Just open your browser and type in the address bar. Once the page is loaded enter your set username and passwords. Most likely you will use default router passwords.

if you cannot load the page then is not your router address. You will have to check router label to see what login gateway IP address is set for your router by the device manufacturer. Default gateway for routers vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. is not my router address

If you cannot load page and you cannot find router address on your router label please follow the steps below to get the router address:

For windows

  1. Open command prompt by going to Start -> Command Prompt or Go to Start - > RUN -> type "cmd" and press enter.
  2. A black screen will come up
  3. Type ipconfig & hit enter
  4. A detailed router configuration including router IP will come up (look for default gateway IP address)

For Linux

  1. Open terminal / cmd
  2. type "ifconfig" and hit enter
  3. A detailed router information will show up inlcuding router main / default gateway IP address

Private IP addresses

Below is the table of all reserved / private ip addresses ranges. is part of the private IP address according to the table below:


ClassPrivate NetworksSubnet MaskAddress Range
A10.0.0.0255. -
B172.16.0.0 - -
C192.168.0.0255.255.0.0192.168.0.0 -


Looking for more information on difference between private vs public iP address, read the article here. IP location

Due to nature of IP address (Private C class IP) it is not possible to assign a physical address to a reserved / private iP address. Therefore, IP address has no physical location attached and it can be used by one within their private internal networks. However, if you would like to find the physical location of a public IP address please use our IP Location Lookup tool.

How to check WHOIS?

Since it is established that is part of Private or Reserved IP range. The WHOIS data of will not associated with any private organization but the organzation that controls the IP addresses globally. To check complete details you can also perform IP WHOIS Lookup.

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