PTCL Speed Test

Is your internet slow? Find out how can you improve your internet speed using PTCL speed test tool below. This tool will test download, upload, latency and jitter rate of your PTCL DSL or Broadband internet connection.

PTCL speed test tool is a unique speed test tool where we use our own web server to test speed of your connection between you and our website or server. There is no third party involved which means that our PTCL speed test tool gives you with measurement of your internet speed with higher accuracy.


IP Address:

Server located in: United Kingdom

What is PTCL?

PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecom Company Limited. PTCL is the largest and most popular internet service provider in Pakistan, accorording to PTA survay (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). PTCL provides DSL Broadband, WiFi Broadband and Wireless LTE internet connection via EVO devices.

How to use PTCL Speed Test Tool?

Our PTCL speed test tool is available both for desktop and mobile users. Desktop users can use our web application to measure their internet speed while mobile users can download PTCL Speed Test mobile application from Google Play store. Both users follow similar instructions to test their PTCL speed.

  • Visit PTCL speed test page
  • Click on "start" button
  • Boom! wait for your results. Simple is that!
  • A user-friendly report will be genereted for you in few minutes

How does PTCL Speed Test work?

This speed test works by sending a request from your computer to one of our servers worldwide and download speed, upload speed and ping rate is determined on the basis of that request. We use our own servers to test speed of your PTCL internet connection. There are no third party involved.

How accurate is PTCL Speed Test?

Internet speed measurement depends on many different factors such as how many people sharing your internet connection, location of connecting server and quality of line. Therefore, speed test cannot always be 100% accurate. Howerver, PTCL speed test tool can be used to guess the approx speed of your PTCL DSL, Broadband or wireless connection.


What are PTCL internet packages?

  • Broadband limited packages 2MB or 4MB (40GB limit)
  • Broadband Unlimited Packages 1MB to 100MB packages
  • 4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle
  • Broadband Static IP Address
  • ChaarJi Wireless EVO 20GB to 75GB Limited packages
  • Round-the-clock technical support

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