What is an IP Address

Internet Protocol Address

Networks of networks is called Internet and IP address is base of any small network. Through IP address devices connect to internet and communicate with each other. Each website we visit today transmits information to us through some IP address.

IP address is like mailing address of your home, without it you cannot be communicated through mail, cannot receive pizza etc. Similarly an IP Address is address of your communicating device so that it can transmit and receive information from other devices on the internet.

Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic IP address is an address that changes frequently. Dymanic IP addresses are assigned by an ISP or DHCP that has to serve large amount of devices/customers and to users who do not need IP address all the time.

Static IP Address

As name suggests static IP Address remains same and does not change. In most areas users have to pay extra price to get a static IP address assigned to their DSL/Broadband connection.

Public IP Address

Public IP Address is a address that is visible to other devices on the internet. For example: if you visit whatismyip.live you can easily find out piblic IP address of our website.

Private IP Address

Private IP address when IP addresses are assigned different devices within your internal network let's assume router. In this case IP assigned witin the internal network devices cannot be seen by everyone. If one visit website they will be able to see public IP Address.


Domain Name Server: Today IP addresses are translated in to memorable words. For example instead of remembering we can simply remember google.com to open a website. Same goes for email addresses.

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