WHOIS Lookup

Our free Whois Lookup tool allows you to lookup IP WHOIS details online. You will get contact registrant details of IP address blocks. This is where you can get organization email to report any abuse regarding a specific IP address

WHOIS tool also allows you to find registrant/owner details of a domain name (.com, .net, .info etc). WHOIS domain details are provided directly from domain's whois server to check domain name availability. Using this information for any kind of illegal activity is strictly prohibited.




Our IP Whois Lookup tool will provide you with complete owner information of an Ip address. With this tool you will get information about who you can contact to report any abuse. You will get information for example: Regional Internet Registry (RIR) who assigns the IP, owner of assigned IP block, location of Organisation, contact information, and abuse reporting details such as Email address, phone number etc.

How to report Abuse with IP Whois Results?

After receiving IP WHOIS results you will get to know that who exactly you will be contacting to. You will most likely to receive ISP contact information or organization who controls the particular IP address or IP block. If anyone is sending you spam, trying to hack you etc it is best option to contact the organisation using the "abuse information" given in the IP WHOIS results.

WHOIS Domain

What is WHOIS Domain Name Database?

WHOIS Domain Name database is a listing of registered domain names which is collected from various domain name registrars wordwide. This dabatase is used for many legal activities such as for checking domain name availability and to identify trademark infringement etc.

Domain WHOIS Lookup Tool

Use our free WHOIS Domain database to check availablity of a domain name. Domain "who is" results include name of domain registrar, domain registrant details, administrative, and domain billing details as shown by the domain's registrar whois server. You can get an idea that who owns the domain name you want to register.

Why Check Domain Whois Information?

Domain name whois is normally checked to know about the owner of the domain name. WHOIS check is also performed to check age of domain name, registration and expiration date of domain name for various reasons. Howerver, now a days domain owners use registrar's offered privacy services to hide their registrant details to avoid data theft and to avoid miuse of their personal information.

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