How to find IP address of any domain name?

There are multiple times when you need to find out IP of your domain name. Specially, when you are a blogger and hosting our blog at blogspot and you want to find IP address to shift your blog over different hosting company such as Godaddy.

There are multiple ways where you can find IP address of any domain name:

1. Finding domain IP through command prompt

The first convenient method to find IP of your domain name is from command promt using a single DNS lookup command:

  • Open command prompt by going to Start -> Command Prompt or Go to Start - > RUN -> type "cmd" and press enter.
  • A black screen will come up
  • Type "nslookup" - this command will show DNS information of, replace with your own domain name
  • First two lines show DNS resolver information. Second line will be IP address you will be looking for

Find domain to IP through command prompt


Above image shows both DNS resolver information and public IPv4 and IPv6 of the respected domain name


2. Finding domain name through Domain to IP tool

If you do not want to go with lengthy process above we have an easy method too where you can check IP address of your domain name almost instantly through Domain to IP address or Hostname to IP tool.

Hostname to IP tool allows you to display IP address almost instantly as soon you press "LOOKUP" button after entring your domain name in the search form. It works both for main domain names and subdomain names.

Domain to IP through

If you are looking for full DNS information of a domain name such as IP address, MX record, Text record, NS records you can use DNS lookup tool for it.


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