How to report IP address to anti-spam blacklists?

Whether you have been attacked by someone digitally or received unsolicited emails, it becomes a very frustrating situation for someone in the digital world. In most cases when this kind of activity is being taken place fake IP addresses, proxies and VPN services are used for such purposes so that their real identity stays safe.

How to trace an IP address to it's registered location?

If you have been attacked by someone or there have been hacking attempts in your systems, applications or social media accounts you are only left with attacker's IP address.

You can do couple of things with IP address:

  • Lookup IP location through IP geographical database. You can see registered location information such as country name, city, region and most importantly the ISP (Internet Service Provider) name in the list.
  • By using above lookup tool you can also find Reverse DNS or PTR record of the organization which may give an idea of domain name behind the IP address if set by the ISP.
  • check IP WHOIS information where you can find ISP contact information so that you can contact the Internet Service Provider directly so they can follow your complaint and provide you insights regarding the attacker.

How to report IP address to major blacklist databases?

Now that you have registered your complaint with Internet Service Provider, you also want to alert others so that they can avoid potential threat from the abusive IP address. Check IP address in the IP blacklist check tool against various anti-spam databases in one go. If there is no listing then here is the list of anti-spam blacklists where you can report IP address to:

  • - Composite Blocking
  • - Barracuda Reputation Block
  • - URIBL red
  • - URIBL grey
  • - URIBL black
  • - URIBL multi
  • - DroneBL
  • - RBL
  • - DNSBL
  • - China Anti-Spam Alliance
  • -
  • - JIPPG`s Relay Blackhole
  • - BlockedServers
  • -
  • - Blog Spam Blacklist
  • -
  • - IBM DNS Blacklist
  • - Bogon
  • - (only tor exit nodes)
  • -
  • - DNSRBL - The Real-time Blackhole List
  • - DrMX
  • EFnet - TOR
  • - ZapBL DNSRBL
  • - Blog Spam Blocklist (
  • - Blog Spam Blocklist (
  • - Spam Eating Monkey SEM-FRESH
  • - SURBL multi (Combined SURBL list)
  • - Woodys SMTP Blacklist URIBL
  • - Dynip Rothen List
  • - ZoneEdit deny DNS services domains
  • - The Day Old Bread List (aka DOB)
  • - Rymshos RHSBL
  • - URI RBL


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