- Router Admin IP - Private IP Address or is a private IP address reserved by IP organization to be used by anyone within private networks. is part of private IP c class range of -, which are assigned to different devices connected to a router device internally. IP address like are common and be used by anyone within their own private Local Area Networks (LAN), to communicate between LAN devices. Howerver, IP address like cannot be used to connect to internet and a public proxy gateway or iP address is needed to surf internet. This is the reason no physical IP location is assigned to any private ip address.

Is or a router's admin login ip address?

Like any other private ip address can be used to log into router's admin panel if is set as a default gateway by the user or router's manufacturer. is commonly preassigned by the manufacturer of the router devices such as TP-LINK, D-LINK and NETGREAR etc. Do not mistype it as

How to log into router's admin panel using

To log into router's admin panel using please follow the guideline below:

  1. Connect to your router wirelessly or via ethernet cable
  2. Open your choice of Web browser
  3. Type in the address bar and visit like a normal URL or visit (no action internet connection needed)
  4. This page will prompt you with username and password fields.
  5. Enter your default router username and password or your own set password.
  6. Once logged in, a web-paged html page will open like a normal website where you can make changes to router settings as your descretion.

Issues or unable to access

  • If you are unable to log into router admin login page using the Try logging into your router using or
  • If you still cannot load the admin page, try looking at the router label for any default gateway written on it. Each router device can have different login IP address.
  • If the login page still does not load even after using the correct gateway address, there might be problem with your connection with the router. Trying rebooting the router it can also fix the problem.

Forgot password for router admin page

There is no need to worry if you forgot admin username and password for your router admin login page. To reset your router's admin password you will have to reset your router to it's factory setting. To do this you will have to find a small reset button on the back side of the router. Press the button for a minute or two and it will reset it to it's factory settings so then you can use default username and password to log into your router's admin panel.

IP Location for

Since is part of private ip addresses and can be used by anyone within the LAN networks, it is not possible to assign physical address of private IP addresses. Read this article to find difference between Public and Private IP address.

WHOIS - Who owns this IP address? is part of private C class range which is reserved for private networks. Therefore, the ranges are never assigned to any private organizations and can be used by anyone within their private networks. To check complete details you can also perform IP WHOIS Lookup.

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