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How to Hide your IP Address

We spend most of your lives on the internet these days, and more and more if it is bleeding into our real lives. We have all become so accustomed to sharing everything online that the vast majority of people do not think about security and those people who would use the information that they put online for negative uses. But we should all be more intelligent with the way that we use the internet and everyone should be equipped with a way to hide their IP Address that they can use to protect themselves. But how do you mask your IP Address? Here are somethings that you can do to hide your IP Address.

Ways to Hide your IP Address

Use a VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network, and it works by allowing you to access the internet through a service that will hide things like your location and other information. It can help you avoid barriers in schools and work places to get to site that are out of bounds, hide what you are searching, and can even give you the opportunity to choose what location from across the world that you wish to appear to be in. It can provide a great WAN (wide area network) for you to use and give you the security that you need.

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  • Use Public Wi-Fi

    Now, using public Wi-Fi has its own risks. For instance, it is usually very easy to hack publicWi-Fi, so you should never do things on public Wi-Fi that could compromise you in terms of identity theft. These can be things like sharing your address, looking up banks details etc. Other people could be watching you. However, if you wish to hide your IP Address and aren't planning on doing anything like that, using public Wi-Fi can be a way of keeping yourself anonymous.


    Use a Proxy Server

    Using a proxy server can help you mask your IP Address and help get around restrictions, however it can significantly slow down your internet connection and can be illegal in some countries.

    Use Tor browser

    Most regular internet users will be familiar with Tor Browser especially if they live in countries that have very restricted access to the internet. It is a free software that you can download onto your computer that will hide your IP Address and keep your information and identity safe and secure. However, it is the slowest method.

    Change your IP Address

    This is a simple and easy way to hide your IP address. IP Addresses do change automatically from time to time, however to force a change, you simply have to unplug your computers modem for at least two hours and when you get back online, your IP Address will be fresh and new. This can be a useful method to use if you have been banned from a particular site and would like to get back access to it. This method only works If you have been assigned dynamic IP from your ISP. Please note that this method will not hide your IP location.

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