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Are you getting right internet speed what are you paying for? Use our speed test tool to check speed of your internet connection. Our internet speed test tool will test latency rate, upload and download speed of your Wireless, DSL, Cable or Fiber internet connection.


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HTML5 Speed Check Tool - No Flash

You can check your internet speed using HTML5 without any need to use any flash software. Flash scripts are buggy and takes very long to load. Therefore, what is my ip comes with fast, seamless and non-flash based internet speed test tool.

How does Speedtest tool work?

What we do is to send a request from your computer to our fastest servers located in different countries and measure different speed test metrics such as ping test, latency rate test, download speed, and upload speed. These metrics are measured in real-time and you get results of your Dialup, Broadband, Wireless or corporate/business internet connection speed right on website with progress bars.

What is ping / latency test?

Ping or Latency test means the delay time measured in milliseconds between user and connecting server. The higher the number more is the delay between connection, and lower the delay faster is the connection time. Ping or Latency is often more important for onlime gaming.

What is Download Speed Test?

Dowload speed means how quickly you retreive information from the internet such as time takes to load or watch movies, or files over the inernet. Higher the download speed the more quickly information you can download from web.

What is Upload Speed Test?

Upload speed is reverse of download speed. Upload speed means the time it takes to send your file over the internet. For example: sending your friend a word document, attching a document with your email. Higher the upload speed the less time it takes to send file over the internet.

What is jitter test?

It is also known as internet conection quality test. This is the difference between the minimum and maximum latency results of a ping / latency test.

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